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FRG Leader Tools/Volunteering

FRG Leader Tools

The FRG Leader Tools are provided to assist you as an FRG Leader, Key Caller or other FRG volunteer position.  Position descriptions help explain the roles and responsibilities for that position.  Fundraising information contains a handbook explaining what you can, or cannot do when raising funds for your FRG.   And Event planning can help you plan that fun event you've been promising your FRG soldiers and their families.

FRG Leader Handbook (3 Mb)

Become an FRG Volunteer
Volunteering gives us an opportunity to share of our talents and time.  It is in that unselfish giving of ourselves that we truly represent the best of humankind.  Fort Drum has many wonderful volunteer opportunities.  There are several reasons to consider volunteering.  Volunteering is a useful tool for those looking to update their resume.  The skills and training one develops, as well as the hours spent in the volunteer setting may be listed as job skills when preparing for a new job.  Many volunteer opportunities on post offer childcare reimbursement.  Check with your volunteer supervisor.

Tracking volunteer hours is important for several reasons.  Funding requires the tracking of volunteer hours as well as anticipating job needs for a particular agency or group.  As always, Fort Drum desires to honor their volunteers for their hard work and dedication. Tracking volunteer hours enables others to see how much time has been devoted to supporting and improving our community.  Please call the Volunteer office at 772-2899 for more information on how you can contribute to your community!

Create an FRG web page on AKO

  • Family readiness group (FRG) leaders can now create a homepage for their groups in AKO. It's quick and easy - all you have to do is:

  • Login to AKO
  • Click "Create AKO Content" in the left bar
  • Choose to "Create a Site"
  • Choose to create an "Online Community" (low security) or a "Virtual Team" (high security)
  • Then, just follow the prompts. And that's it! When you've finished walking through the wizard, you will have a brand-new homepage, group, and knowledge center (for storing documents). You can add important links, post pictures, and create a useful and informative homepage for your group or team.

* Verified Family Member Accounts (available now)

NOTE:  Full account holders have always been able to sponsor their family members for AKO guest accounts - it's a great service that extends the power of AKO to all members of the Army Family. To increase security, AKO is now encouraging family members who have not yet registered for an AKO account to sign up for a verified guest account. If you are a full account holder and would like to sponsor a family member for an AKO account, please ask your family member to register for the account called "Family Member Enrolled in DEERS." In the near future, AKO will also invite existing family member accounts to upgrade to verified accounts.