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AG "Mountaineer" Regiment Chapter

Fort Drum S-1 AG "Mountaineer" Regiment Chapter



  • Click on the link "Join/Renew" under the 'Membership' link on the right-hand side.


  • Once the page refreshes, look for the link on the left-hand side that says "Membership." Click on this link.


  • The page will refresh. Choose the appropriate level of membership you want in accordance with your rank or age. 1yr (SSG and below) 1yr (SFC and above) 3yr, lifetime, etc. Make sure you choose the correct size of your t-shirt.


  • Once the new G1 arrives we will start holding official meetings and setting up chapter events for AG Regiment members.


  • If you are currently a member or plan on being one and have ideas for the chapter to be involved in, please e-mail us with your ideas and we’ll make sure they are heard.