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Deletion - Deferments - TCS Faqs

Fort Drum Deletions - Deferments - TCS Orders
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Deletions - Deferments - TCS Orders Office?

You can call 315-772-6823 for general questions.

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Where is the Deletions - Deferments - TCS Orders Office located?

The Personnel Reassignments Section is located at Clark Hall Building P10720 Mount Belvedere Blvd Room A1-16.

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How do I apply for a deletion or deferment?

You will sit down with your S1 and review AR 600-8-11 (Reassignment), chapter 2, section XII.

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If I meet one of the eligibility rules, then what?

You will fill out a request on a DA Form 4187, with all documentation attached, and after your Battalion Commander approves your request, your S1 will then submit your request to Personnel Reassignment Branch, Deletion / Deferment Office.

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How long will it take for my approval / disapproval?

Once your request is submitted to HRC, it should be 10 working days.

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Your office returned my request without action, why?
  1. Your request was not within the parameters of AR 600-8-11
  2. All required documentation was not attached
  3. DA Form 4187 did not have all required signatures
  4. You reenlisted for the assignment.  You are to contact your unit Retention NCO and resubmit request through them

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I am on assignment and I need to request a Compassionate, what do I do?

You will sit down with your S1 and review AR 600-8-11 (Reassignment), chapter 2, section XII.  If your situation meets the proper reasons, you will fill out DA Form 3739 (Compassionate Request), attach all proper documentation. Your S1 will then call the Deletion/Deferment Clerk and request an appointment. Clerk will then review your packet before submitting to Compassionate Branch at HRC.

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When will I receive my answer?

Compassionate Branch, HRC has a 10 working days to reply.

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My report date is before the 10 days, do I still clear?

No. Your S1 will be getting a memorandum from the Deletion/Deferment Clerk placing you on Admin Hold for the 10 days. You will not out-process or deploy with this action pending.

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I received a deletion / deferment memo from your office.  Why was I deleted / deferred?

All memos have the reason code from HRC as to the reason. See your S1, who will review          AR 600-8-11 to get your answer.

**S-1's should call 315-772-6823 with any further questions pertaining to Deletions, Deferments or Early Reports.

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My unit is deploying, where or when will I get my TCS orders?

Individual Soldiers should not call Personnel Reassignment Branch. Your unit will have a POC that will work directly with the TCS Office POC. You will receive your orders from your unit representative.

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I need more copies of my deployment orders, where do I get them?

You will get them from your unit POC or the Rear Det NCOIC, NOT from Personnel Reassignment Branch.