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Fort Drum eMILPO
Frequently Asked Questions

What is eMILPO?

eMILPO (Electronic Military Personnel Office) is the Army’s personnel database  which is accessible 24/7.  eMILPO also provides the U.S. Army with a  reliable, timely and efficient mechanism for performing personnel actions and managing  strength accountability. eMILPO is a Web-based application that allows unit users, personnel managers, and commanders visibility into services at all levels and across components in the areas of:

  • Personnel Services
  • Personnel Accounting
  • Reassignments
  • Promotions
  • Readiness
  • Workflow
  • DTAS
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    How do I get access?

    For new accounts, modification, and removal of existing accounts, please complete the Request Form and submit to your supervisor. Your supervisor will submit form to the PAS. An AKO account is also required for access.

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    How do I get my account unlocked?

    Please call your system administrator.  To avoid lockouts remember to close out only at the “close” or “exit” buttons within eMILPO.  Do not use the red “X” button at the top right of your screen. This could lock your password.

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    *** HOT TOPICS ***

    For Unit S1

    1. Unit S1 should monitor the following to work eMILPO and HQDA error feedback:
    • Unit Personnel Accountability Reports (AAA-162). Unit S1 ensure each unit’s accountable strength, reports are authenticated.
    • Unit Personnel Accountability Notices Report (AAA -165)
    1. PCS Departures and Failure to Gain Report (FTG)
    • Unit S1 should, before submitting a departure transaction ensure effective date of departure include all known TDY and leave dates.
    1. Arrivals
    • Do not arrive a Soldier without proper authority, i.e. PCS orders or DA Form 4187 for local moves.
    • Do not arrive a Soldier who comes to the unit in a TCS status. See your eMILPO Functional Guidance for rules.
    • Do not arrive a Soldier who has an open attachment. Contact your servicing PAS or previous attached unit to release attachment using the date he departed the attached unit.

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    How do I get access to run Queries?

    User must contact your PAS to request access to AHRS Enterprise Datastore.