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FAQ's Soldier Actions

Fort Drum Soldier Actions
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Soldier Actions Section?

You can call 772-6459.

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Where is the Soldier Actions Section Located?

Soldier Actions is located at Clark Hall, Building P10720, Mount Belvedere Blvd, Room B1-33.

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What are the hours of operation?

Monday thru Friday 0730 – 1600, except for Holidays, and Wednesday mornings during Sergeant’s Time Training.

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What actions does Soldier Actions handle? 

Among the actions that Soldier Actions handles are requests for:  Compassionate Reassignment, Legal Name Change, Married Army Couples Program/Joint Domicile membership, Statement of Service for Computation of Length of Service, Regimental Affiliation.  In addition, Soldier Actions assists in processing citizenship applications through the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) for Service Members to obtain United States Citizenship.

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What paperwork do I need for Soldier Actions? 

The majority of Soldier Actions require a DA Form 4187, processed through Service Member’s unit, signed by the Soldier, and by the unit Commander.  In addition, most actions also require additional supporting documentation. Some of the most common actions, and the paperwork required are listed:

  • Compassionate Reassignment requests need a DA Form 3739 signed by the Company Commander, a letter/memo from the Soldier, as well as from the Company Commander, and anyone in the chain of command who wishes to endorse the request. In addition supporting medical/legal documentation as appropriate must be included. If medical reasons precipitate the request, letter from doctor must include diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. If EFMP is involved, letter from EFMP Manager should also be included. If reassignment request is approved, Soldier will be stabilized for 12 months, so the amount of time needed to resolve the issue should not exceed that time frame.
  • Legal Name Change requests need a DA Form 4187, and proof of the legal name change, such as Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Birth Certificate, or Court Order, showing the new name. When necessary, a driver’s license, Social Security Card, or receipt for request for Social Security Card with new name may be used as proof of change.
  • Married Army Couples Program/Joint Domicile enrollment or dis-enrollment requests need a DA Form 4187, as well as proof of marriage, or divorce, or, in the case of a married couple enrolled in the program requesting dis-enrollment, the reason for dis-enrollment request must be provided, and both Soldiers must sign the DA Form 4187. When a newly married Army couple requests enrollment in the MACP/JD, the Soldiers should update their DEERS information, and their SGLI/DD93’s before submitting request for MACP/JD.
  • Statement of Service for Computation of Length of Service does not require a DA From 4187. However, Soldier should insure that all enlistment contracts (DD Forms 4/1, 4/2, and 4/3 if used), DD Forms 214, and all other supporting documents for all military service performed are provided. Officers/Warrant Officers should bring a copy of their Oath of Office, DA Form 71, and any ROTC or Service Academy Contracts, to include SMP Contract if Soldier participated in these programs. (Although orders are not acceptable proof of time spent on Active Duty, Leave and Earning Statements may be used.)
  • Regimental Affiliation requests require a DA Form 4187 through the chain of command, indicating the selected unit with its location. The unit selected must be associated with the Soldier’s PMOS or specialty.
  • Requests for United States Citizenship for alien Soldiers require a number of forms. Soldier Actions has a handout packet containing required forms for interested alien Soldiers.
  • Soldier Actions also plays a part in the occasional requests for Emergency Leave, OCONUS Leave, NCOES Equivalency Credit, Corporal Recruiting, Recruiting Duty, Green to Gold, Conscientious Objector, Homebase/Advanced Assignment Program.