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Forms & Regulations


Fort Drum Strength Management Branch

The following Regulations, Forms, and Links etc. pertain to the SMB operations 

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Army Regulations



Total Army Quality Management

Area Support Responsibilities


Preparing and Managing Correspondence

The Department of Army Freedom of Information Act Program

Travel Overseas

Individual Mobilization Augmentation (IMA) Program - US Army Reserves

Unit Status Reporting

Military Personnel Management

Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (Flags)

Personnel Accounting and Strength Reporting

The Total Army Sponsorship Program

Leaves and Passes


Standard Installation/Division Personnel System (SIDPERS) Database Management

Officer Transfers and Discharges

Personnel Processing, In-Out-, Soldier Readiness, Mobilization, and Deployment Processing

Military Orders

Army Policy for the Assignment of Female Soldiers 

Army Command Policy

Army Force Stabilization System

Unfavorable Information

Conscientious Objection

United States Army Personnel Control Facilities and Procedures for Administrating Assigned and Attached Personnel

Exceptional Family Member Program

Aviation Service of Rated Army Officers

Flying Status for Non-Rated Army Aviation Personnel

Identification, Surveillance, and Administration of Personnel Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Assignment of Enlisted Personnel to the U.S. Army Recruiting Command

Army Linguist Management

Assignment of Army Personnel to the Defense Attaché System

The US Army Replacement System

Stabilization of Tours

Permanent Change of Station Policy

United States Army Personnel Exchange Program with Armies of Other Nations (PEP)

Overseas Service

Officer Assignment Policies, Details, and Transfers

Enlisted Assignments and Utilization Management

Military Personnel, Organization, and Type of Transactions Codes

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Department of the Army Pamphlets



Army Manpower Mobilization

Army Stationing and Installation Plan Guide

Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management

Guide to Recordkeeping in the Army

Information Handbook for Operating Continental United States (CONUS) Replacement Centers and Individual Deployment Sites

It’s Your Move

Military Personnel Management and Administrative Procedures

TIPS for Travelers Going Overseas

Uniformed Services Personnel Travel and Transportation

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Department of the Army Circulars



Digital Sender

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Department of the Army Letters



Army Policies and Procedures for Establishing Multiple Component Modification Table of Organization and Equipment (MTOE) and Augmentation Tables of Distribution

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Field Manuals



Human Resources Support

Unit Movement Operations

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Federal Joint Travel Regulation



Joint Federal Travel Regulation

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Department of the Army Forms



Battalion Commander Recruiter Candidate Interview and Evaluation

Bona Fide Dependent Declaration –Military

Certificate of Acceptance as Guardian or Escort

Company Commander Recruiter Candidate Interview and Assessment

Declination of Continued Service

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Screening Questionnaire

Exceptional Family Member Program Information Sheet

Family Care Plan

Family Care Plan Counseling Checklist

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)/Operations Security (OPSEC) Desk Top Guide

In-and Out-Processing Records Checklist

Installation Clearance Form

Medical and Dental Preparation for Overseas Movement

Oath of Extension of Enlistment or Reenlistment

Overseas Tour Election Statement

Personnel Action

Reassignment Processing

Reassignment Status and Election Statement

Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms

Routing Slip

Sponsorship Program Counseling and Information Sheet

Sponsorship Program Survey

Statement of Options, Qualitative Management Program (QMP)

Transmittal Record

Unit Clearance Form

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Department of Defense Forms



Certification of Overseas Assignment to Support Application to File Petition for Naturalization

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