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Out-Processing / Reception FAQs

Fort Drum Out-Processing
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Personnel Reassignment Section?

You can call 315-772-1255 for general questions.

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Where is the Personnel Reassignment Section located?

The Out-Processing Section is located at Clark Hall Building P10720 Mount Belvedere Blvd Room A1-16.

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How can I find out if I am on assignment?

Soldiers will receive a notification packet from Personnel Reassignment Branch through their S1. Please initiate all requests with your S-1

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Where do I go to get my orders?

Your orders will be sent to you through your S1.

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I have an RFO (Request for Orders).  What do I do now?

Once Personnel Reassignment Branch receives your RFO from HRC (Human Resources Command), you will receive a notification packet through your S1.

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How do I schedule a levy briefing?

Soldiers will be scheduled for a levy briefing as requested by their S-1.  If they have missed two, their S1 will have to provide Personnel Reassignment Branch with a memorandum requesting a new levy briefing.

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What do I need to do to pick up clearing papers?

Soldiers should refer to the last paragraph of their Orders.  Soldiers must have an approved DA 31 taking them to their report date, and an Installation Clearance Request signed by their 1SG or Commander.  Clearing briefings are held every duty day except Wednesday.  Sign in begins at 0930 in Room A1-16, Clark Hall.  The briefing will begin promptly at 1000.

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I am on leave / pass.  Do I have to be in uniform to attend a levy briefing, or pick up clearing papers?

Yes, IAW Fort Drum Regulation 612-4, all soldiers must clear in duty uniform.

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Why do I have to attend a briefing just to get my clearing papers?

IAW AR 600-8-101, all soldiers will attend an installation level out-processing briefing prior to being issued clearing papers.

Please direct all questions concerning finance to the Finance office 315-772-5529.

Please direct all questions concerning shipping entitlements to the Transportation Office 315-772-6310.