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Personnel Services

Personnel Services Branch (PSB)

Mission Statement

  • Records:  Military Personnel File custodian for all non-PSDR units. Provide update assistance for ORB's and ERB's and Casualty Documents.

  • Promotions for all non-PSDR units.  Processing the promotion packets and board results for the semi-centralized promotions to SGT and SSG. Assist Units in identifying and preparing their Soldiers and Officers for centralized promotion board consideration.

  • Personnel Actions for all non-PSDR units.  Process requests for compassionate reassignment, statement of service, applications for Green to Gold, Soldier's citizenship applications, Name Changes, Army Married Couple's Program, etc.

  • eMILPO: Monitors and manages the Personnel Service Center (PSC) Code FS10 data base for all units and Soldiers assigned to the PSC Code FS10.

Hours of Operation
0745 - 1545 Monday through Friday
Closed all Holidays and Weekends

Frequently Asked Questions

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