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SR/AG Updates

S-1 HR/AG Updates



  • MILPER 07-102- SR Profile Consolidation
    • Outlines: the consolidation of SR profile to contain Active, National Guard, and Reserve under one profile vs. Separate profiles. Q&A Provided on

  • MILPER 07-073 – Evaluation Timeliness Report
    • Outline: the development of a report that will be filed on a Officer/WO/NCO OMPF indicating their track record on evaluation submission timeliness. Q&A provided on

  • MILPER 07-043 – Electronic Evaluation Submission to HRC
    • Outline: the first phase of electronic evaluation submission from the OER SR to HRC using My Forms on AKO. The undefined problem resides in quality control at S1 level. S1s need to look at a SOP for SR evaluation submission requirement in order to catch errors and content requirements.

  • MILPER 07-085 – Update to the CSM/SGM/SMA Selection Board
    • Outline: change to the evaluation reporting for complete-the-record evaluations


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  • MILPER 07-047 – CSM/SGM/SMA Selection Board
    • Outline: criteria for eligibility for SGM/CSM. S1 please read and scrub eligible personnel from your unit. Schedule ERB/OMPF updates and ensure they validate their ERB online.

  • MILPER 07-092 Direct OCS Selections
    • Outline: current direct selection list for OCS packets

  • MILPER 07-057 List Integration
    • Outline: new SOP for HRC. Once Soldier is denied list integration after 90 days the Soldier will be placed back on the AAA-294 for denial again. This will continue until the Soldier is integrated or separation from Army. All list integration transactions need to be complete in eMILPO by 20th of month. In order to remove from C-10 after integration requires a removal board.

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  • MILPER 07-087/088/089 Officer/Warrant/Enlisted (MOCS) Reclassifications:
    • Outline: describes the change in MOS structure for most MOS/AOC. Identifies updated ASI,SQI association to MOS and training required to change MOS.

  • MILPER 07-100 Functional Designation Policies and Procedure
    • Outline: identifies FA and branch association to one of three functional categories (MFE) (OS) (FS)

  • MILPER 07-075 Most recent In/Out Calls
    • Outline: update In/Out call by enlisted MOS, by rank. Verify 4187 request against In/Out to determine is Soldier can reclass


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