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Services Offered

Pre Retirement Services

  • Coordinate, conduct, and facilitate detailed periodic Pre-Retirement and Survivor Benefits Plan (SBP) group briefings for all retiring Soldiers and their family members.
  • Counsel Soldiers and family members concerning retirement rights, benefits, and privileges.
  • Assist retiring Soldiers and family members with completion of the DD Form 2656 (Data for Payment of Retired Personnel).
  • Other services and related information related to pre-retirement services, such as, retirement application processing, retirement orders and DD Form 214 processing, and final out-processing procedures.

Post Retirement Services

  • Counsel and assist survivors of retired Soldiers, and Soldiers who die on active duty regarding their SBP options and entitlements.
  • Publish, and mail retiree newsletters.
  • Publish periodic articles for installation and local newspapers.
  • Sponsor the annual Retiree Appreciation Day (RAD).
  • Provide information and assistance to Soldiers, spouses, and former spouses regarding the Uniformed Services Former Spouse's Protection Act (USFSPA).
  • Provide information and filling assistance for the "Annuities for Certain Military Surviving Spouses" - or ACMSS, also known as "Forgotten Widows".
  • Assist and advise retired Soldiers in understanding and applying for Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC).
  • Provide information to retired Soldiers on Concurrent Retirement and Disability Payments (CRDP).
  • Assist retired Soldiers and family members in obtaining:  copies of lost documents (i.e., DD Form 214, retirement orders, and medical records); re-issuance of military awards; and issuance of military ID cards.

Other Retirement Services

  • View Retired Soldiers pay account
  • View annuitants pay account
  • Assistance with change allotments
  • Assistance with change beneficiary information
  • Update mailing address
  • Assistance with change bank information
  • Change tax filing and withholding status
  • Request copies of the 1099-R form for tax filing purposes
  • Request copies of the Retired Account Statement