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Transition Center

Mission Statement
To provide the highest quality separation processing to Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard Soldiers assigned to and/or passing through the Fort Drum Community.  This includes the timely and accurate preparation of DD Form 214's (Certificate of Release or Discharge from active duty) and the publishing of all separation orders.

Clark Hall Bldg P10720 Mount Belvedere Blvd Room B2-36

Hours of Operation
0745 - 1545 Monday through Friday (Appointments from 0800-1500)
Closed Weekends and Federal Holidays

Contact Us

Chief, Transition Center                    772-3505

Transition Center Lead                     772-8242

Transition Center Front Desk            772-4111

 Chapters                                        772-6469

 Medical Separations                       772-1956

 Officer Separations/Normal ETS’s    772-4114

 Final Out Appointments                   772-0644

 DeMob/Remote Care                     772-4630/8242

 Transition Center FAX                     772-3885

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