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Installation Postal Officer & Official Mail



Bldg. M465A Oswego Avenue

Hours of Operation

0730 - 1600 Monday through Friday
Closed Holidays and Weekends

Contact Us

Phone: 315-772-5456
Fax: 315-772-6200


Prior to deployment, Units must submit a memorandum to the Installation Postal Officer providing the deployment dates (start and end), deployed mailing address, and furnish the names of the Rear Detachment Postal Officer and alternate. The Rear Detachment Postal Officer must ensure at least one certified and proficient Mail Clerk is assigned to the Rear Detachment, in order to process and handle mail for forwarding to the deployment location, as well as Rear Detachment Soldier Personal Mail. Unit Mail Clerks will process mail for forwarding to the deployment location through the Official Mail and Distribution Center, Bldg P-10720, where OMDC mailroom personnel will provide the tags required for forwarding it to the deployment site.

Fort Drum Post Office
Bldg P-10720, Mt Belvedere Blvd (Clark Hall), Ft Drum NY

Hours of Operation for Unit Mail Pick-Up
Mon-Fri 1030-1130 & 1400-1530, Sat: 0900-1130, Closed on all Federal Holidays              

Mail Pickup Requirements

    1. Unit Leadership must ensure that Soldier Personal Mail is transported only by government vehicle; Privately Owned Vehicles (POVs) are not authorized to transport Soldier Personnel Mail.

    2. Only United States Postal Service (USPS) canvas mailbags will be used for transporting mail. No open box containers will be used.

    3. Mail Clerks and Mail Orderlies may be held liable for any loss caused by their failure to handle mail properly. Soldier Personal Mail must be safeguarded and secured at all times.

    4. Units are responsible to pick up Soldier Personal Mail Monday through Saturday, including Training Holidays (the only exceptions are Federal Holidays). Units should coordinate with sister units for assistance and overlap.

    5. Official Mail should not be processed in the unit mailroom. It should be processed in the S-1 or another designated area.

    6. Questions regarding Soldier Personal Mail should be directed to the Installation Postal Officer, 772-5456

    7. Questions regarding Official Mail should be directed to the OMDC, 772-6475

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