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Equal Opportunity Employment Office

Welcome to the Fort Drum
Equal Employment Opportunity/Civil Rights Website!

The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) program at Fort Drum is, like the rest of the Army, in a never ending state of change.  We are a critical part of the Fort Drum Community and strive to seek ways to keep negative impact of changes at a minimum.  In addition to our official mission below, our staff encourages programs that provide continuous learning -- programs that elevate and enhance individual development for everyone.  We are dedicated to providing our share of resources to the Garrison for intra-agency sponsored programs, and many other activities that may help us reach our primary goal - that is.....


To Attain A Quality Work Environment Rich In Diversity And Free Of Unlawful Discrimination.

EEO Mission:

  •   Serve as the Garrison Commander's primary advisor on EEO/Affirmative Employment.
  •   Manage the Department of the Army complaints processing system.
  •   Provide EEO related training.
  •   Serve as a liaison between Fort Drum and community leaders and organizations.
  •   Provide leadership and guidance in administering the Special Emphasis Programs.
  •   Plan, develop and monitor the implementation of the Fort Drum Affirmative Employment Plan.