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Internal Review

Who is Command Audit?

The Internal Audit Office provides Commanders and Staff Directors with audit services that give independent and object analysis of installation activities and programs. The resulting audit reports are then used for decision-making purposes.

Services provided include full scope audits, consulting services, quick reaction audits, compliance audits, follow-up review and the Audit Office acts as audit liaison for external audit visits (USAAA, GAO, DoDIG).

Internal Audit is a command and control function. Audits are initiated at the request of the Commanders and Directors. Some audits, however, are based on employee and customer concerns.

The Annual Audit Program is formulated from requested audits from the Command Group.

The value of the audit function is that it provides continual surveillance of internal controls over assets. This surveillance discourages and prevents fraud, waste and abuse.

The Command Internal Audit Office performs audits that protect resources and provides Commanders decision-making information.

Services We Provide...

Main POC for Audit Readiness
Audits financial and procedural functions of the Division and Garrison.
Provides Liaison service for visiting external audit agencies (GAO, USAAA, DoDIG).
Performs follow-up audits to ensure external and internal audit recommendations have been implemented.
Monitors FRAUD HOTLINE 772-2477.

Command Internal Audit Office
Building 10286
Hours of Operation: 0700-1700
Phone: (315) 772-2477

Where to Find Us...

10th Mountain Division (LI) and Fort Drum
BLDG 10286
4th Armored Div Dr
Fort Drum, NY 13602-5026

Phone: (315) 772-2477