Reporting Status: normal
Wet bulb heat category: White as of 9/15/2013 12:09 PM
Fire danger rating: Blue as of 12/9/2013 03:15 AM

Religious Support

Mission Statement:

  • Provide religious support and advisement to the 10th Mountain Division (LI) and subordinate units across the full spectrum of operations. 
  • Advise and assist the Commander in ensuring the right of free exercise of religion. 
  • Provide spiritual, moral, and ethical leadership to 10th Mountain Division (LI) and its culture. 


Services Schedule

Catholic Mass
Sun1100MassRiva Ridge P10030
Mon-Thur1215MassRiva Ridge P10030
Sat1700MassRiva Ridge P10030
Sun0930Catholic Religious EdBLG 426A/427A
Sun1730Catholic Youth GroupBLG 426A/427A
Tue1000Catholic Women (MCCW)Riva Ridge P10030
Wed0930Catholic Women (MCCW)BLG 426A/427A
Protestant Services
Fri1200Eucharist ServiceRiva Ridge P10030
Sat1800Agape CafeFL&SFC P4405
Sun0900Traditional ServiceRiva Ridge P10030
Sun0930ChapelNext ServiceFL&SFC P4405
Sun1230GospelFL&SFC P4405
Mon-Thur1900LDS StudiesRiva Ridge P10030
Thur0930Protestant Women (PWOC)BLG 426A/427A
Thur1830Protestant Women (PWOC)FL&SFC P4405
Sun1500Teens of the ChapelBLG 426A/427A