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Hometown News

What is Hometown News?

Hometown News is telling the Army story, through its soldiers and civilians. We get the word out regarding any special event a Soldier goes through-deployment, promotion, awards and more.

Fill out hometown news forms for the following:

  • basic training and AIT graduation
  • promotions, exercises, awards and decorations
  • arrivals and appointments
  • changes of command
  • scholarships
  • any advanced training courses such as Air Assault School, Army War College, reenlistment and educational degrees (associate degree and higher)

Submit Your Request.

The Army regulation that covers the Hometown News Program is DA Pam 360-3. The hometown news release form is DD Form 2266.

Submit through your unit S1 office, or stop by the Public Affairs Office to fill one out. The Hometown News Coordinator at PAO can take a photo to accompany the submitted DD Form 2266, or a soldier can submit a preferred photo in .jpg format via email or disk.

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