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  1. Coordinate with the Mountaineer editor.

    Let the Mountaineer editor know you would like to submit an article, the topic of the article, and when you anticipate submitting it. This helps to avoid a duplication of efforts.

  2. Avoid "first person" accounts.

    Unless approved in advance, an article written in first person ("I saw this and I thought that") will most likely be rejected.

  3. Avoid using jargon.

    Jargon refers to specialized terms or phrases not commonly understood by the general public. If jargon is used in a direct quote or if it is necessary to help tell the story, explain what it means.

  4. Spell out any acronyms used.

    Army acronyms often mean different things to different people. To help the reader understand the meaning, write out the phrase the first time. The acronym may be used thereafter.

  5. Fully identify any persons mentioned in the article.

    Full identification includes first and last name, military rank (if applicable), and unit or agency (if applicable).

  6. Form a new paragraph when introducing a new idea, and avoid run-on sentence construction.

  7. Avoid all passive voice.

  8. Indicate who wrote the article and whether the writer has an official title.

    If more than one person wrote the article, dual credit may be given. If preferred, credit may be attributed to an entire unit or agency. (Example: "Submitted by 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry" or "From the Fort Drum Safety Office").

  9. List a point of contact who can answer questions about the article.

    Ideally, this should be the person who wrote the article, and/or the person's supervisor. Include a daytime telephone number for the point of contact.

  10. Submit the article on in an electronic format (Word document) by e-mail or on computer disk with a printed copy.

    Submitting an article on computer disk saves time and eliminates duplication of work.

  11. Meet the newspaper's deadline.

    Stories submitted late will be held for use at the editor's discretion as deemed appropriate.

Submission How Tos

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