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10th Mtn Division Unit Ministry Team


North Riva Ridge Loop

NCOIC Division Chaplain 315-772-5542
Operations NCO number 315-772-9028

10th Mtn Division Unit Ministry Team

Mission Statement

Provide comprehensive religious support across the full spectrum of operations and training for the 10th Mountain Division (LI). Assist the Commander by ensuring the right of free exercise of religion. Provide religious, spiritual, moral, and ethical leadership and advice to the Command.


Professional Religious Leaders and Army Staff Advisors for the 10th Mountain Division (LI) who perform and provide religious worship, education, counseling, and staff skills while serving compassionately and selflessly for the Command in order to support and strengthen Army and Religious Values by nurturing the living, caring for the wounded, and honoring the dead.


Lead and supervise the Unit Ministry Teams of the 10th Mountain Division (LI), ensuring they are trained, manned, equipped, and resourced to perform and provide the finest religious support and services in garrison and combat operations by building the readiness, effectiveness, cohesion, professional development, and morale of the UMT's in order to succeed in any environment to assist in the accomplishment of the command's mission and readiness.

End State

An Organization of Unit Ministry Teams who (are):
-well trained chaplains and chaplain assistants for the 10th Mountain Division (LI), the US Army, and the Chaplain Corps
-performing and providing the finest religious support and services possible in any environment during war or peace time

-possessing the right skill sets; pastoral, military, staff, relational

-sought out by Soldiers, Commanders, and Family Members for advice and service

-leading as caring, competent, adaptable and confident religious and military leaders who understand their organizations and missions

-providing regular mentoring relationships focused on religious, personal, and professional development

-serving as skilled trainers providing religious, spiritual, ethical, and relational programs that are responsive, realistic and improve individuals and organizations

-supported by fully mission capable facilities and resources

-that will faithfully serve the Army and Chaplain Corps now and in the future

The "BIG 2" for Divisional UMT Reset

-Establish "Standards and Systems": To clarify roles, responsibilities, and accountability

-Religious Leaders AND Army Staff Officers

Top 3 Divisional UMT Priorities for all UMT's of the 10th Mountain Division (LI)

1. Exceptional religious and staff officer/NCO leadership development of Army Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants across the full spectrum: lead, train, develop, teach, coach, mentor, and assess.

2. Highest quality religious services and support offered through worship, education, counseling, advice, and programs available at all critical times and locations.

3. Build, implement, adhere, and model religious and staff systems and standards in order to fulfill our missions at a 90% or better status as 10th Mountain Division religious leaders and fully competent and capable staff officers and advisors for our units, the Army, and the Chaplain Corps.

CG's Key Leader Attributes:

Humility, Selfless Service, Self-Discipline, Integrity