Reporting Status: normal
Wet bulb heat category: White as of 9/10/2014 01:36 PM
Fire danger rating: Green as of 5/12/2014 07:27 AM

Unit Ministry Team

 Fort Drum Unit Ministry Team directory

315-772-5163Division Chaplain
315-772-6905Deputy Division Chaplain
315-722-5206NCOIC Division Chaplain
315-772-5542Operations NCO
315-772-65111BCT Chaplain
315-772-87521BCT Chaplain
315-772-47201-87 Chaplain
315-772-87542-22 Chaplain
315-772-18172-22 Chaplain
315-772-31121st BSTB Chaplain
315-774-37591-71 Cav Chaplain
315-772-93763-6 FA Chaplain
315-772-274810th BSB Chaplain
315-772-73512BCT Chaplain
315-772-87562BCT Chaplain
315-772-20472-14 Chaplain
315-772-89364-31 Chaplain
315-772-73512nd BSTB Chaplain
315-772-06402-15 FA Chaplain
315-774-21202-71 Cav Chaplain
315-772-2978210 BSB Chaplain
315-772-31783BCT Chaplain
315-772-70842-87 Chaplain
315-772-48201-32 Chaplain
315-772-17423BSTB Chaplain
315-774-00534-25 FA Chaplain
315-774-37183-71 Cav Chaplain
315-772-2232710 BSB Chaplain
315-772-216310th SBTB Chaplain
315-772-4455548th Chaplain
315-772-216310th SSB Chaplain
315-772-216310th MP Chaplain
315-772-665410th AVN BDE Chaplain
315-772-665510th AVN BDE Chaplain
315-772-27171-10 AVN Chaplain
315-772-07041-10 AVN Chaplain
315-772-27112-10 AVN Chaplain
315-772-36863-17 CAV Chaplain
315-772-016010th Replacement Chaplain
315-772-690420th ASOS Chaplain
315-772-6904174th FW Chaplain
315-772-6904HHC ITC Chaplain
315-772-6904342d FSB Chaplain
315-772-6904DENTAC Chaplain
315-772-6904MEDDAC Chaplain
315-772-690462d MP CID Chaplain
315-772-690495th TMDE Chaplain
315-772-6904Naval Reserves Chaplain
315-772-55922-78th TSB Chaplain
315-772-5592655th ASG Chaplain
315-772-559242 ID rear D Chaplain
315-772-5592Medical Hold Chaplain
315-772-2711NCOA Chaplain
315-772-0160NY MATES Chaplain

If there is no answer at the Brigade or Unit level ministry team number, please call the Division Chaplain's line.