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Motorcycle Safety Briefing


Why should we think safety?

       Motorcycles are vulnerable on the street because riders are exposed. Motorcycles have two wheels compared to vehicles with 4 wheels and lots of steel surrounding them.

       Every individual is important and needed!!

How can I become a better, safer rider?

       Sign up for the Basic Rider Course offered free at Fort Drum. Receive a points reduction on your license and discount on your insurance. You will also become a better, safer rider from taking this course.

       We also offer an Experienced Rider Course, a great refresher for seasoned riders.

Requirements for motorcycles on federal installations

       AR 385-55 requires that soldiers attend the Motorcycle Safety Course prior to operating a motorcycle on or off the installation, on or off duty. Enrollment into the course does not provide for a temporary post registration or a temporary riding pass (except for the dates of the course).

Required PPE

       Full-fingered gloves

       Over-the-ankle sturdy boots

       Face shield or shatterproof goggles

       Dept. of Transportation-approved helmet

       Long-sleeved shirt or jacket

       Long pants, made out of heavy material (jeans or better)

Motorcycle Mentorship

       Fort Drum has a Motorcycle Mentorship Program, go to the following site for info:


Motorcycle Statistics Fact Paper

       10th Mountain Division

       Class      Date                      Rank      Motorcycle Type                              Location

       B                             22-Apr-05                            E7           03 Yamaha                          Ft Drum

       C                             22-Aug-05                           E4           Suzuki Ninja                       Ft Drum

       C                             18-Jul-05                              E5           Springer Softtail Harley                  Ft Drum

       A                             29-Nov-05                           O3          2004 Harley Heritage                      Ft Polk

       C                             11-Mar-06                           E5           05 Kawasaki Ninja 636                    Ft Drum

       C                             22-Mar-07                           E3           07 Kawasaki ZXGRR                         Ft Polk

       C                             17-Apr-07                            E4           07 Suzuki GSX600                             Ft Polk

       A                             19-Apr-07                            E5           07 Suzuki GSXR                 Ft Drum


»        E5 >                      63%

»        Sport / Speed Bike        63%


       Army (taken from CRC database and preliminary loss reports - PLRs)


         2005 Accidents / Fatalities          139 / 40                Fatal = 29%

         2006 Accidents / Fatalities          181 / 51                Fatal = 28%

         2007 Accidents / Fatalities          57 / 13   Fatal = 23%


         2005 Accidents E5>                        60%

         2006 Accidents E5>                        65%

         2007 Accidents E5>                        71%


         2005 Sport / Speed Bike              39%  (PLRs this year not specific on all type bikes)

         2006 Sport / Speed Bike              60%

         2007 Sport / Speed Bike              100%

         3-Yr Combined Average              56%


Don’t let this happen to you.           Think motorcycle safety.

Motorcycle Crash