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Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course

The Army requires soldiers to successfully complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Course prior to operating a motorcycle on or off the installation, on or off duty. The Fort Drum Command Safety Office sponsors FREE MSF COURSES.

Basic Rider Course
3 Day course
BRC The BRC is a basic riders course that teaches the basic skills of motorcycling. Participants are required to pass a written exam and a riding evaluation at the end of the course. Motorcycles are provided and this is a state licensing program. Participants must have valid permit and drivers license.
Experienced Rider Course 7 Hr.Course ERC 1 Must have a BRC card before taking the ERC course.
  1. All classes are held at the location and start at time shown on the web site.
  2. Students must have with them:
    • License or permit
    • Proof of registration
    • Proof of insurance (ERC)
  3. Motorcycles are provided for the BRC course.
  4. Required safety equipment for motorcycle training:
    • DOT approved helmet
    • Shatterproof eye protection or full face helmet with face shield.
    • Full fingered gloves
    • Long legged trousers (not flared)
    • Long sleeve shirt or jacket
    • Over the ankle sturdy boots
    • Reflective garment front and back (PT belt OK)
  5. All MSF courses offered by the Command Safety Office must be scheduled online at