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Officials reiterate early-release, delayed-reporting procedures

Weather can be harsh in the North Country. Soldiers, Family Members and Civilian Employees should become familiar with the announcement procedures Fort Drum officials use in the event that inclement weather forces delayed reporting or early dismissal for "nonemergency essential" personnel.

To determine whether they are "emergency essential" or "nonemergency essential," Soldiers and Civilian Employees should consult their supervisors.

The Fort Drum website ( and (315) 772-DRUM (3786) will be updated immediately. They offer the best sources for current information.

Except for emergency essential personnel, the following applies:

In the event of an announced post delay, Employees will report the specific number of hours after their normal reporting time, but all Employees must report to work no later than 10 a.m. Employees should report no sooner than the time specified above unless a specific reporting time is announced or directed by their supervisor.

Following are sources where individuals can find delayed-start or early-release information.


(315) 772-DRUM (3786)


Fort Drum website (

Facebook (

Impact on services

In the event of a delay, Guthrie Ambulatory Health Care Clinic will open at 9 a.m. Patients who are scheduled for appointments before 9 a.m. should call the clinic after 9 a.m. to reschedule appointments.

If a cancellation is announced, patients should call the clinic during the next duty day to reschedule their appointment. If an early release is announced, patients will be contacted at the phone number included in their medical records to ensure that they are aware of the early release and to reschedule their appointments.

Patients who need immediate medical advice during clinic closures should note that the TRICARE Nurse Advice Line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays. The Nurse Advice Line can book appointments in the primary care clinics, give home health advice and authorize urgent care referrals. The TRICARE Nurse Advice Line can be reached at (315) 772-2778.

In the event of a delay, Fort Drum child development centers will open one hour earlier than the report time and close one hour later than the release time. In the event of a duty-day cancellation, CDCs will be closed.

The Exchange will observe normal hours of operation regardless of post inclement weather calls, unless otherwise directed by leadership.

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