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2nd BCT Soldiers earn coveted Expert Infantryman Badge

Second Lt. Jeffrey Hastings, D Company, 2nd Battalion, 14th Inf. Rgt., receives his Expert Infantryman Badge from Col. Michael Kershaw. Photo by Pvt. Jon Cano
Second Lt. Jeffrey Hastings, D Company, 2nd Battalion, 14th Inf. Rgt., receives his Expert Infantryman Badge from Col. Michael Kershaw. Photo by Pvt. Jon Cano

The Expert Infantryman Badge is critical in the career of an infantryman. Without it, he cannot be promoted into the ranks of senior noncommissioned officers.

Testing for the badge is grueling, consisting of common Soldier taskings performed under stressful conditions. Out of many Soldiers who test for the badge, only a small percentage achieve their goal.
Testing for the EIB took place for the last two weeks on Fort Drum, with many infantrymen of 2nd Brigade Combat Team being awarded the coveted blue badge during a ceremony Monday at Commando Field.
Following is a list of the awardees.

From 1st Squadron, 89th Cavalry Regiment: Pvt. Jonathan Crump.

From 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment: Spec. Jairo Aquino, 2nd Lt. Ferris Butler, Sgt. Kevin Conlon, 2nd Lt. Adam Deardorff, Sgt. Stuart Fredieu, Pvt. Marcus Garcia, 2nd Lt. Jeffrey Hastings, Capt. Brendan Hobbs, Staff Sgt. Corey Hollister, Pfc. Joel Irby, Sgt. Brett Kinsey, Sgt. Alexander Laing, 1st Lt. Kevin Landeck, 1st Lt. Clinton Langreck, 1st Lt. Chad Maddox, Pfc. Charles Marcille, Pfc. Clinton Maurer, Staff Sgt. Jackie Muddiman, Staff Sgt. Jonathan O’Connor and 2nd Lt. Norman O’Neil.

Also, Sgt. Estevan Payan, Sgt. Armando Perez, Pvt. Timothy Philip, Sgt. Shawn Pichette, Cpl. Jonathan Roop, Spec. Gabriel Salinas, Staff Sgt. Terrance Sampson, Sgt. Michael Schoenbauer, Pvt. Zachary Smith, Staff Sgt. Todd Stoner, Pvt. James Suh, 1st Lt. Robert Temple, Sgt. Mitchell Thompson, Pfc. Travis Viault, Pfc. Andrew Walsh and 2nd Lt. George Webb.

From 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment: Cpl. John Alcorn, Pfc. Salvatore Ambriati IV, Sgt. Keith Anderson, Pvt. Aaron Arney, Spec. Tony Belasco, Staff Sgt. Kyle Beveridge, Pfc. Ryan Bishop, Staff Sgt. Shane Blume, Sgt. David Blunkall, Sgt. Evan Brown, Pvt. Stephen Brininger II, Pfc. Zachary Brown, Pfc. Timothy Brozek, Spec. Stephen Byrne, Pvt. John Campbell, Pvt. Douglas Coleman, Spec. Ricardo Colinberrocal, Sgt. Peter Concepcion, Sgt. Eric Crafton, 2nd Lt. John Dudish, Sgt. Thomas Dutton, Pvt. Ryan Edman, 2nd Lt. Darrell Fawley, Sgt. Nathan Feit, Pvt. Henry Fields and Pvt. Nathan Fletcher.
Also, Staff Sgt. Kevin Garcia, Pfc. Matthew Garrison, 1st Lt. Thomas Garvey, 2nd Lt. Eric Han, Spec. Eric Heiner, Pvt. John Herbst, 2nd Lt. Terry Hildebrand, Staff Sgt. James Johnson, 2nd Lt. Michael Johnston, Sgt. Stephen Jordan, 2nd Lt. David Kendzior, 1st Lt. Daniel Krentzman, Sgt. Ryan Kruser, 1st Lt. Jonathan Lord, 1st Lt. Christopher MacDonald, Pfc. Christopher Maker, Sgt. Jon McCoy, Spec. Curtis Menestrina, 1st Lt. Curtis Minor, Sgt. Daniel Murphy, Spec. Nathanael Murrin, Pfc. Phillip Napolitano, Spec. Andrew Nichols, Capt. Christopher Nix,Pfc. Eric Olson, Spec. Frankie Parra, Spec. Robinson Paulino; Sgt. Justin Payne, Pvt. Robert Pettit, Sgt. Mejack Pierre, Spec. Gary Pierrelouis and Pvt. Sergey Progushev.

Also, Staff Sgt. Matthew Ramsey, Pfc. Justin Rankin, Sgt. Victor Rivera, Spec. James Riveros, 2nd Lt. Erich Roberts, Spec. Monte Robertson III, Pvt. Arthur Rocha III, Sgt. Charles Schultz, Staff Sgt. William Scott Jr., Pvt. Gary Pfc. Jonathan Smith, 2nd Lt. David Spangenberg, Sgt. Terry Spiecher, 1st Lt. Morgan Spring-Glace, Pvt. Gary Stancell, Sgt. Michael Stabler, Pfc. Cory Stone, Sgt. Aaron Tabbert, 2nd Lt. Joseph Tomasello, Spec. Luis Torres, Staff Sgt. Theodore Tremblay, Pvt. Maximilliaan Vanossenbruggen, Capt. Brian White, Spec. Jay Williams, Spec. Greg Woodruff, Pfc. Randall Woolford, Sgt. Justin Young, Pvt. James Zelenka, Spec. Alfredo Zendejas and 1st Lt. Nicholas Ziemba.

(From 2nd Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs Office)

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