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Students, Soldiers celebrate Flag Day

Calcium Primary School students march during their Flag Day celebration. Photo by Maj. Sean Wilson
Calcium Primary School students march during their Flag Day celebration. Photo by Maj. Sean Wilson

Maj. Sean Wilson

27th Public Affairs Detachment commander

Pride and patriotism resonated throughout the Calcium Primary School campus June 14 as students, faculty and guests celebrated Flag Day.

Messages of freedom and patriotic decorations adorned the campus in its 15th annual celebration to honor the red, white and blue.

Members of 3rd Squadron, 71st Calvary Regiment were an integral part of the day’s festivities as a color guard kicked off the celebration by posting the colors and manning static displays of their equipment.
Lana Taylor, school principal, opened the ceremony by welcoming guests, including proud parents and prominent members of the community. Taylor gave special recognition to Soldiers of Fort Drum and expressed deep gratitude toward their service to our country.

“Today is a celebration of life, our country, and our children,” she said.
Honored guests at the celebration included Capt. Albert Goetz, a member of 3-71 Calvary and a Calcium “Piece of the Rock” representative.

Goetz addressed the students, sharing his thoughts about this special day.
“Today is a special day; it represents the birthday of our flag. When you see the flag, you know you are in America or that an American is nearby,” he said.

Maj. John Osborn, 1st Brigade Combat Team rear detachment commander, gave special thanks to students and faculty members for their support of “Operation Education.” Through this program, Calcium Primary has donated more than 50 school kits to Iraqi children. Osborn presented the school with a certificate of appreciation for the support.

R.D. Murphy, from 10th Mountain Division Public Affairs Office, sent a special message out to the children. Murphy, who is active in supporting the American Heart Association, stressed the importance of getting out this summer and staying active.

During the celebration, students gave stirring renditions of “Pledge of Allegiance,” performed by the third grade, and “Put Your Hand On Your Heart,” performed by the second grade.

The highpoint of the celebration was the Calcium Memorial Garden dedication to recent fallen heroes of 10th Mountain Division (LI). The memories of Lt. Col. Joseph J. Fenty Jr., Spec. Justin L. Odonohoe, Spec. David N. Timmons Jr., and Pfc. Brian M. Moquin Jr. were honored by the dedication of four trees to be planted in the garden. The memorial garden was originally planted to remember Calcium Primary School students who have passed away.

“Calcium Primary will never forget our fallen heroes,” Taylor said.
Students were treated to a hot dog lunch and enjoyed displays provided by Calcium Fire Department and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department as well as from 3rd Squadron, 71st Calvary Regiment.

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