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Communication Soldiers serve integral role in Task Force

Pfc. Dominick Ditcharo, NSC, DSTB, 10th Mountain Division (LI), checks to make sure all the Internet lines are in place and working properly. Photo by Sgt. David Turner
Pfc. Dominick Ditcharo, NSC, DSTB, 10th Mountain Division (LI), checks to make sure all the Internet lines are in place and working properly. Photo by Sgt. David Turner

Spec. Tiffany Evans

MND-C Journalist

CAMP VICTORY, Iraq – Throughout history, winners of wars depended on communication capabilities. Today, Soldiers in the Division Automation Management Office ensure Task Force Mountain troops have the necessary communication assets – computers and phones – to win this fight.

The mission of the help desk is to provide centralized services and support for TF Mountain division staff and support elements. Their primary responsibility is to receive and distribute information technology systems service requirements to the end user.

"In other words, we are here to make sure that all the computers and phones are working right and to keep the TF Mountain server working properly," said Staff Sgt. Robert Wilson, platoon sergeant with Network Support Company, Division Special Troop Battalion, 10th Mountain Division (LI). "Section information management officers are the first line to fix problems, and when they can't, our Soldiers head out."

During the day, Sgt. Marizsa Rahbari manages the help desk and assigns Soldiers trouble tickets.
"Every Soldier gets sent out on these trouble tickets. It's really a matter of who's available. If we have a lot of trouble tickets out, usually all our assets are out. If it's a slow day, we send out the privates so they gain the experience," Wilson said.

Soldiers in the DAMO learn their skills at their advanced individual training course, but the real lessons are learned on the job.

"Our job is really hands-on. When you start learning the way a certain system works, you pick it up," said Rahbari, a team leader with NSC, DSTB. "Once you understand how a computer system works, you know how best to troubleshoot."

There are some unique challenges to this job while deployed. Not only does the DAMO team support those who work in the TF Mountain headquarters building, they also support sites outside the building and off of Camp Victory.

They handle a heavier user load than back at Fort Drum and face occasional power outages.
"When we have a power outage, we usually set the server down in the correct order to save the information, and we work to help get the server back up as quickly as possible," Wilson said. "Then, we do damage control to make sure everyone's system is working properly and tell the (information management officers) how to troubleshoot any issues."

Each Soldier in the DAMO plays a vital part in helping to complete the TF Mountain mission. By managing their own server, they make it easier for the staff to use their communication equipment.
"Communication is everything. A lot of what we do out here is based on Internet and phone capability," Rahbari said. "I know we are vital to this mission's success."

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