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Personal Security Detachment trains for mission

Soldiers with 2nd BCT's personal security detachment test their weapons before moving through the shoot house with live ammunition. Photo by Pvt. Jon Cano
Soldiers with 2nd BCT's personal security detachment test their weapons before moving through the shoot house with live ammunition. Photo by Pvt. Jon Cano

Pvt. Jon Cano

2nd Brigade Combat Team Broadcaster

CAMP BUEHRING, Kuwait – The 2nd Brigade Combat Team’s Personal Security Detachment spent three days and two nights training in the Kuwaiti desert on various skill sets and battle drills.

They began with advanced close-quarters marksmanship and squad stress-fire drills. In a stress fire, Soldiers go through a battle drill after running in full gear.

Before moving onto convoy operations, instructors gave a class on different protective driving techniques. Soldiers then went out into the desert to apply some of their recently learned techniques in training scenarios.

“The training out here is awesome;” said Capt. Bernard Balsis, 2nd BCT Personal Security Detachment commander. “It’s providing us with great tools for a tool box we can use later. It’s building unit cohesion and allowing us to build on each other’s strengths.”

The PSD junior leadership also trained on writing and passing on operation orders to their Soldiers in preparation for an upcoming mission.

During the Military Operations on Urban Terrain and shoot house portions of the training, Soldiers broke down into squads and teams; each team received hands-on training from an instructor. At the shoot house, teams applied their training and stormed a building with live ammunition.

“During the shoot house, my team worked really well,” said Spec. Seneca Torres, a gunner for PSD.
“We all knew where we should be, we shot well, and (we) gained more confidence with our weapons.”
Teams ran through the exercise several times, refining their methods each time.

“The Soldiers enjoyed the training: the driving, the MOUT assaults and the close-quarters marksmanship,” Balsis said. “This is one of the first times the whole PSD has been able train under these conditions as a team.”

After the MOUT and shoot house exercises, PSD Soldiers carried out the mission they prepared for the previous night. For the mission, they ran rehearsals all night to make sure they got it right. Leaders also had Soldiers participate in rock drills to show them where they were supposed to be during the mission.
“As a platoon, it helped us integrate better and figure out each other’s habits,” Torres said. “All in all, it built some unit cohesion.”

Before beginning their live-fire mission, teams conducted a full-scale dry fire, where they got to see first hand what they needed to do.

“The training we did was outstanding,” said Spec. Matthew Gleason, a PSD mechanic. “We built team cohesion, got some excellent pointers on reflexive fire and figured out some of the bugs we still have to work out, us being a new team and all.”

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