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Gate guards extend warm ‘welcome to Fort Drum’


Command Sgt. Maj. John F. McNeirney

Fort Drum Garrison Command Sergeant Major

I'd like to take this opportunity to explain why our standard greeting of “Welcome to Fort Drum” is appropriate and necessary. I believe it can easily be discussed in three distinct components: commander’s intent, professionalism, and pride.

First, it is the division commander's intent that every individual, when they pass through our gates, is greeted with a standardized greeting of "Welcome to Fort Drum." Our commander wants to all who pass through our gates to feel our pride in this installation.

Next, it's a matter of professionalism. This is the standardized greeting that everyone who passes through one of Fort Drum’s gates receives. Regardless of whether you live here, train here, work here or you're just visiting here, our guards demonstrate their professionalism by adhering to this standard and greet you with "Welcome to Fort Drum."

And lastly, it is an issue of pride.

Our installation was recently recognized with the Silver Award of the Army Communities of Excellence program for having the best of many programs. We have the best Army Community Service, the best Antiterrorism and Force Protection Program, the best RCI Housing Program, and the best fire department, the best commissary and many exemplary practices. We have a great Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program and a stellar Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation program. We have a top-tier Child and Youth Services Program, as well as robust ranges and simulations facilities.

With all of these great aspects of our installation, we really want our community passing through the gate to be greeted by guards who are demonstrating their pride in Fort Drum. You should expect our guards to say "Welcome to Fort Drum," because that professional guard is our first line of defense and creates the first impression of our stellar installation.

It all comes down to this: We want all of our community – Soldiers, Family Members, civilians and visitors alike – to feel honored when they drive up to the gates of this great installation and the guard proudly greets you with “Welcome to Fort Drum.”

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