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State employees stock Fort Drum pond for free fishing weekend

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation employees recently released some 400 rainbow trout into Quarry Pond on Fort Drum.
Meanwhile, this weekend has been designated a "free fishing weekend" throughout New York, including Fort Drum.
No state fishing license is required during the free fishing weekend.
The DEC, in coordination with Fort Drum’s Fish and Wildlife Management Program, stocks installation waters with trout each year to increase recreational fishing opportunities.
Earlier this spring, Black Creek was stocked with some 2,360 brown trout, West Branch of Black Creek was stocked with 470 brook trout, and Remington Pond was stocked with 940 brook trout.
Quarry Pond is located in Training Area 14B and can be accessed from FUSA Boulevard.
A Fort Drum recreation permit and access is required to fish on the installation. Permits are available for free from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Natural Resources Permit Office, Bldg. S-2509.
Recreation permits also are available through the mail. Those who choose to receive their permits in the mail will also receive an access pass, recreation map and regulations.
Application instructions and forms are available to download from Fort Drum’s Fish and Wildlife Management web site; or, they can be picked up at the Natural Resources Permit Office.
Completed forms and supporting paperwork can be mailed to Fort Drum Fish and Wildlife Management Program, 85 First St. W., Fort Drum, N.Y. 13602.
Fish stocking maps also are available and may be downloaded from the web site.
Recreationists must call the Sportsman’s Hotline (772-7153) to check in before accessing training areas.
Although 14B and other areas may be closed to recreation due to military training; however, a joint use policy exists for fishing.
If an angler calls the Sportsman’s Hotline and discovers a training area is closed, Range Branch can be called directly at 772-7152 to inquire whether it would be safe to access the area under the joint use policy.
Range Branch personnel will determine whether access is possible based on conflict to training and / or safety concerns.
Fort Drum recreation areas are open to the public. Individuals may participate in various activities including hunting, fishing, trapping, bird watching and hiking.
Fort Drum’s Fish and Wildlife Management Program issues 35,000 permits each year to Soldiers, Family Members and civilians.

Fort Drum Fish and Wildlife Management Program

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