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Mountain 6 - Commander’s Corner


To the Soldiers, civilians and Family Members of Fort Drum,
In the 10th Mountain Division (LI) and at Fort Drum, we uphold all Army policies fostering and supporting Army values, fair treatment and equal opportunity.
This memorandum serves as my letter of intent for equal opportunity (EO), unfair treatment, consideration of others, sexual harassment and assault response and prevention (SHARP), participation in extremist or gang organizations, hazing and any other form of unfair or abusive treatment. It applies to all personnel assigned or attached to the 10th Mountain Division (LI) and Fort Drum, on or off duty, and on or off post.
Trust, the foundation of teamwork and cohesion, is crucial for effective mission command and disciplined initiative in any organization. Our lives are frequently in the hands of our fellow Soldiers, even in training – trust is key. Our Soldiers and civilians live and soldier in accordance with the seven Army values and the Soldier's and Civilian's Creeds. We always treat others by the Golden Rule – as we expect to be treated – fairly and with dignity and respect.
Accordingly, prejudice, discrimination, unfair treatment, or participating in groups who promote these things, is completely against what America's Army represents. Our Soldiers and civilians do not tolerate any of these activities. Our leaders will treat Soldiers, civilians, Family Members and all people with dignity and respect. There are no "initiations" for new Soldiers arriving to any unit.
All Soldiers are expected to meet Army and unit standards of performance and successfully complete upcoming training events. We will train long, hard, frequently at night, in rough terrain, and harsh weather – that is initiation enough.
Leaders work to prevent any form of prejudice or maltreatment. If they hear of or see it, they quickly intervene to correct the situation and, if appropriate, report it up the chain of command. We attempt to resolve these issues at the lowest appropriate
If a complainant is unsatisfied or perceives the immediate chain of command is part of the problem, he/she may also complain to higher levels of the chain of command, to chaplains, EO advisers, unit SHARP representatives, the Inspector General, and other agencies such as military family life consultants, provost marshal, and medical agency personnel.
Issues may also be brought to my attention through the "CG's Hotline" (315-772-6666) and ultimately using my open door policy. Leaders will assist complainants, protect them from reprisal, investigate thoroughly and take action swiftly and fairly.
Trust, teamwork and cohesion are essential to our combat readiness. Our leaders will ensure that our leadership climate at all
levels promotes and sustains these three important concepts.
Stephen J. Townsend
Major General, U.S. Army

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