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Customer Service Assessment gets under way at Fort Drum

The window for this year’s Customer Service Assessment officially closes on Sept. 27. During this time, leaders, Soldiers and Family Members who live, work or do business on Fort Drum are asked to take the survey and provide ratings for many of the installation’s services.
Customers need to log into the survey at and be willing to spend 15 to 20 minutes online to answer all of the questions.
Customers will first answer a number of basic, demographic questions that will steer them to the set of questions about services relevant to them. Each question has two parts – the first asks for a 1 to 5 rating on the importance of a service, the second asks for a performance rating from 1 to 5. Customers also will have an opportunity to provide comments.
“This survey empowers our Fort Drum customers – installation leaders, Soldiers and Family Members – to have a voice in evaluating our services,” said Elizabeth DeJesus Cintron, Plans, Analysis and Integration Office. “The voice of the customer lets us know how we’re doing. In turn, we can evaluate areas to ensure we are providing relevant high performing support and services to our Soldiers and Family Members.”
Data will be collected in two main categories – corporate and constituent. The corporate survey includes input from all of the unit leadership on Fort Drum, down to the company commander and first sergeant level. Soldiers not in leadership roles and Family Members will provide input into the constituent category. All feedback will be sorted by demographic category and reported to installation leadership.
“We’ll be able to see exactly what our Soldiers and Family Members think of all the services offered on Fort Drum from ID Cards to Youth Services and exactly what the commanders say about services that help them and their units accomplish their mission,” DeJesus Cintron said. “In turn, the directorates providing the services can use the feedback to help make adjustments and improvements to programs that are important to our Fort Drum Army Family.”
For more information, contact Elizabeth DeJesus Cintron at 772-9970 or email

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