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Civilian Fitness Program employee assessments will be offered monthly

The Civilian Fitness Program is looking to bring in 2014 by introducing Department of the Army Civilians to a healthier lifestyle and helping them to meet their New Year’s resolution goals. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress and illness, boost productivity and improve quality of life, all of which are beneficial to a work environment.
CFP allows for three hours each week of administrative leave to exercise during the duty day. The program, which lasts for six months, may be used only once in a Civilian Employee’s career.
To enroll, eligible DA Civilians are required to get supervisor approval, complete an enrollment packet, and participate in fitness assessments before and after completing the program.
Assessments for participants will be conducted from noon to 1 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month, beginning Jan. 9, at the Army Wellness Center, 10550 5th Armored Division Drive.
Note to supervisors and employees: During times of sequestration and furloughs, workforce restraints may affect this program.
To enroll, contact Nicole Bellin-ger at Nicole.m.bellinger2.ctr@ or 772-0084.

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