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Safety Office provides suggestions to stay safe, prevent injuries during winter

As the post prepares for the holidays, travel and vacations, it is crucial to consider potential safety hazards.
With the onset of the winter season, there is often an increase in the number of injuries due to slippery surfaces and cold weather. It is important for individuals to recognize these hazards and take precautions.

Prevent slips, trips and falls
*Take short, shuffling steps in icy areas.
*Display a “slippery when wet” sign in high-traffic areas.
*Keep walkways clear of debris, water, slush and ice.
*Use rugs at entrances to buildings and mop up any melted snow or slush.
*Use special care when entering or exiting vehicles.
*Wear boots or overshoes with grip soles, such as rubber and neoprene composite. Slick leather- and plastic-soled shoes can increase risk of falling.

Vehicle / driving safety
*Wear UV-protective sunglasses to prevent snow blindness.
*Do not park in the middle of a parking lot. Park toward the outer perimeter to allow snowplows to maneuver more easily.
*Prepare a winter safety kit for all vehicles. Include items like blankets, extra clothing, flares, items that can be used for traction (road salt, cat litter or sand), a small shovel, tow chain / rope, nonperishable snacks and water.
*Install winter wiper blades; these help reduce ice buildup.
*Report unsafe road / sidewalk conditions on post to the Public Works hotline at 772-5495.
*In the event of inclement weather, check for delayed reporting status and road conditions by calling the Fort Drum Information Line at 772-DRUM (3786).

Winter sports
*Always check equipment.
*Wear a helmet.
*Never go out alone.

Child safety
*Check and clear sled paths.
*Dress children in layers and make sure they wear a hat and gloves.
*Be aware of the length of time spent outside.
*Do not allow children to play on or around snowbanks near roads.

Home safety
*Check all holiday decorations, specifically electrical wiring.
*Always keep salt / ice melt available to keep walkways, driveways and stairs clear.
*Review snowblower operator instruction manual each year before use.

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