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Fort Drum Soldiers graduate Warrior Leader Course

Michelle Kennedy

Staff Writer

Soldiers, Family Members and Civilians gathered Saturday to congratulate the accomplishments of more than 75 graduates of Warrior Leader Course Class 03-14.
Due to the duty day cancellation Friday, the ceremony was rescheduled for the next day.
Cpl. Joseph W. Polcsa, 1st Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, was named Distinguished Honor Graduate for his outstanding academic achievement and was nominated by his classmates to receive the Jared C. Monti Leadership Award.
Sgt. Stephen Degiovine, 1st Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, received the Commandant’s Inspection Award.
The following Soldiers were named to the Commandant’s List: Sgt. Thomas A. Dodson, Sgt. Robert B. Kidd, Sgt. Russell T. Zabel, Polcsa, Spc. Cody M. Calcagno, Spc. Nikol M. Domengeaux, Spc. Grant S. Miller, Spc. Richard C. Mohamed, Spc. Joshua D. Noakes, Spc. Mitchell W. Stogel, Spc. Benjamin R. Wacker, Spc. Daniel R. Williamson and Spc. William J. Zornick.
The following Soldiers were named Top Drill Squad: Sgt. Lance S. Baumgarten, Sgt. Matthew E. McLeod, Sgt. Anli Mounlade, Cpl. Bryan N. Powell, Spc. Jerrid N. Graham, Spc. Kevin R. Ray and Spc. Benjamin Solis.
The following Soldiers were named Top Squad: Sgt. Kody L. Blanchard, Sgt. Cameron H.M. Day, Dodson, Sgt. Michael P. Hickerson, Sgt. James H. Keeton III, Spc. Benjamin W. Clodfelter and Spc. Deron English.
Staff Sgt. James C. Pritchard was named Instructor of the Cycle.
Other graduates were Sgt. Christopher L. Baksay, Sgt. Christopher L. Booher, Sgt. Zebulan Dumont, Sgt. Kimberley S. Flamer, Sgt. Robert T. Graham, Sgt. Michael P. Hickerson, Sgt. Justin W. Holloway, Sgt. Andrew S. Kellogg, Sgt. Nicolas A. Lopez Rodriguez, Sgt. Charles Marion Jr., Sgt. Nicholas R. McLean, Sgt. James O. Noggle, Sgt. Christopher Pulido, Sgt. Patrick C. Rice, Sgt. Frederick H. Snook II, Sgt. Michael S. Vanderberg and Sgt. Aaron T. Young.
Also, Cpl. Zachary T. Bunting, Cpl. Adam K. Cyr, Cpl. Tyler M. Daniels, Cpl. Rickey D. Ivey Jr., Cpl. Kali M. Naranjo, Spc. Benjamin L. Arnold, Spc. Robert D. Arnold, Spc. Travis K. Cobb, Spc. Junoth Crespo, Spc. Nolan T. Crider, Spc. Matthew H. Dezan, Spc. Christopher F. Draves, Spc. Marc C. Gallant Spc. Cullen S. Griffin, Spc. Theodore Hansen Jr., Spc. Amanda L. Hebert, Spc. Alexander B. Horowitz and Spc. Wesley R. Howard.
Also, Spc. David D. Isaacs, Spc. Jeffrey Montoya, Spc. Scott K. O’Donnell, Spc. Adam J. Orwig, Spc. Luis E. Paulino, Spc. Kevin R. Ray, Spc. Domnick C. Riffle, Spc. Malcolm J. Robinson, Spc. Timothy D. Robinson, Spc. Brendan A. Schoepflin, Spc. Brent A. Schulze, Spc. Zachary B. Tarrant and Spc. Daniel R. Williamson.

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