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Officials remind public of road work on South Post

Michelle Kennedy
Staff Writer
Beginning Monday, two major roads on South Post, known as “Gasoline Alley,” will be under construction until August, according to Public Works officials.
Drivers who use Ontario Avenue and Oneida Avenue should expect road closures and diversions while the two dual-lane roads are converted into a single four-lane road.
“The construction project will provide increased traffic flow and improved maintenance capabilities,” said Fred Stone, Public Works chief of construction, who was responsible for the project planning and engineering.
The new layout will allow for a designated area for railhead operations, he added. The construction project also will improve intersections at Tigris River Valley Road, Euphrates River Valley Road and 1st Street West.
“The plan includes the addition of turn lanes and improved traffic signals,” Stone explained.
The project will take place in three phases.
During the first phase, which is estimated to take five weeks, workers will replace the concrete on Ontario Avenue and repave the street with asphalt. Ontario from 1st Street West to 5th Street Middle will be closed, diverting traffic flow to Oneida Avenue. This will result in Oneida Avenue becoming a two-way street. Roads leading off of Ontario will be rerouted to Restore Hope Avenue.
Phase two, which is estimated to take two weeks, will consist of reopening Ontario Avenue and the off streets from 1st Street West to Tigris River Valley Road. Oneida Avenue will be closed from Conway to Tigris River Valley Road. Euphrates River Valley Road between the intersections of Camp Hale and Oneida Avenue also will close, except for local traffic.
During phase three, which is expected to take two weeks, workers will reconstruct the intersection at 1st Street West and Conway, as well as at Oneida Avenue. Euphrates River Valley Road will reopen. Access to the intersection of Guard Lane, Conway and 1st Street West will be limited to local traffic only. Traffic will be diverted to Euphrates River Valley Road. In addition, Tigris River Valley Road will be limited to local traffic only between Camp Hale and Oneida Avenue.
Each phase must be completed before the next phase can begin. Construction will be contingent upon weather conditions.

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