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10th Combat Aviation Brigade recognizes efforts of volunteers

Staff Sgt. Todd L. Pouliot

10th Combat Aviation Brigade Journalist

Since April is Volunteer Recognition Month, 10th Combat Aviation Brigade takes the opportunity annually to recognize its family readiness group volunteers for giving their time and talents to support the unit’s Families and Soldiers.
This year, on behalf of 10th CAB, the unit’s leaders expressed appreciation for its FRG volunteers during a ceremony April 24 at the Commons.
Eighty-three volunteers received certificates of appreciation during the ceremony.
“Not only was this our time to recognize FRG leaders who served during the deployment, we included our new FRG leaders and welcomed them into the fold as well,” explained Jackie Sharpe, 10th CAB family readiness support assistant.
Over the past year, volunteers supported 10th CAB Families, Soldiers and their respective units throughout a nine-month deployment, preparations and training exercises leading up to the deployment, and finally, the reintegration of the brigade’s Soldiers and Families upon the brigade’s return in January.
Col. David J. Francis, 10th CAB commander and guest speaker for the special event, explained for audience members how difficult it is to adequately thank those volunteers who go over and beyond the normal scope of being a military spouse by giving their time and energy to help others.
“You can’t be recognized enough for what you do for the 10th CAB Soldiers, for our Families, on a daily basis,” Francis said. “We can’t give you a paycheck, but what you do is absolutely invaluable.
“We’ve had volunteers who have performed incredible things while raising their kids, while going to school, while working and a host of other things that life deals us,” he added.
Volunteers recognized were as follows:
w10th CAB: Jodie Francis, Linda Cuomo, Stephanie Tucker, El Eas-ley and Jennifer Smith.
wHeadquarters and Headquarters Company, 10th CAB: Somer Boyle, Kelly Wright and Donna Fitzgerald.
w1st Battalion (Attack), 10th Aviation Regiment: Stephanie Ward, Christa Ploetz, Michelle Barrett, Joanna Sarrasin, Courtney Ryder, Krista Folgert, Jessica Knight, Rebecca Yarros, Danielle Jones, Alicia Oller, Lauren O’Donnell, Shannon McFarland, Erinn Velez, Lauren George and Esmirna Cruz.
w2nd Battalion (Assault), 10th Aviation Regiment: Rebecca Braman, Toni Wagenbrenner, Jessica Chilson, Carole Barlow, Becky Blanchard, English Axtell, Janie Diggs, Ivy Carlson, Heidi Woerheide, Katie Bourland, Casey Green, Shaunna Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Rhoden, Sterling Reep, Ana Hume and Christine Perdue.
w3rd Battalion (General Support), 10th Aviation Regiment: Meg Meador, Crystal Garretson, Amy Denton, Amelia Small, Lisa Kalitka, Shawnda Erb, Alisa Kraft, Karla Sotelo, Maddison Thome, Melinda Parker, Jessica Anderson, Valerie Blue, Kalinn Prouty, Claudia Kubacki, Jenn Martinez, Kasey Edds, Stephanie Layden, Theresa Brown, Jennifer Bass and Christi Squires.
w277th Aviation Support Battalion: Diana Ortiz, Catherine Debock, Rebecca Rindahl, Margaret Laird, Caren Hernandez, Jacqui Balp, Jennifer Mulder, Crystal Hill, Stephanie Hussey, Kerrie Lee, Corrine Contreras and Sarah Ellis.
w6th Squadron, 6th Air Cavalry Regiment: Lisa Sweet, Zita Roche, Lauren Doak, Casey West, Colleen Murphy, Jenny Hunt, M’lyn Lazzarini, Stephanie Rickert, Kim Neal, Blake Hunter, Elizabeth DeJesus-Cintron and Katie Jensen.

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