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FLEP now accepting applications

Educational opportunities are among the great benefits of serving in the military today. For junior officers who desire to continue serving on active duty, the Funded Legal Education Program, or FLEP, is one of the best opportunities to attain a professional degree.
Each year, the Judge Advocate General’s Corps sends up to 25 well-qualified officers from the other Army branches to law school at government expense. These officers maintain active-duty pay and benefits while attending law school full time. After passing the bar exam, these officers join the JAG Corps as attorneys, with an additional six-year active-duty service obligation.
Army Regulation 27-1, Chapter 14, governs eligibility for the FLEP and describes the application process. The program is open to commissioned officers in the rank of second lieutenant to captain with between two and six years of active federal service at the time they will begin law school.
Eligibility is governed by statute and is nonwaivable.
Eligible officers interested in applying should immediately register for the earliest offering of the Law School Admission Test. The LSAT is offered four times each year at universities around the country, with the next offering in the first week of October. To take the test, one must apply online at Study materials are available for purchase online or at any large bookstore.
Finally, the applicant also must interview with the 10th Mountain Division Staff Judge Advocate.
Applicants must send their completed application through command channels, to include the officer’s branch manager at AHRC, with a copy furnished to the Office of the Judge Advocate General, ATTN: DAJA-PT (Yvonne Caron, Room 2B517), 2200 Army Pentagon, Washington, D.C. 20310. The application must be received by Nov. 1. Selected officers will begin law school in the fall of 2015.
Interested officers may contact Capt. Shawn J. Peterson, 10th Sustainment Brigade trial counsel, at 772-2922 for more information or to talk with attorneys who participated in the program.

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