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Keep eyes, ears open at large gatherings

With many upcoming activities surrounding the July 4 holiday and division block leave, it is important to remind everyone of individual force protection measures, especially while attending large special events and mass gatherings. Each of you is an additional set of eyes and ears; you are a sensor.

*Always be aware of your surroundings.
*Always be on the lookout for suspicious activity.
*Be on the lookout for packages / backpacks / briefcases left in unusual places.
*Be on the lookout for cars or trucks left in No Parking zones or in strange locations.
*Be on the lookout for person(s) wearing too big or too heavy clothing for the season.
*Always know where the emergency exits are located.
*Always know where to contact law enforcement personnel.
*If possible, try to stay on the fringes of the crowd.
*Always file a travel plan.
*If you find yourself in an emergency situation, help if you can, and follow the directions of emergency responders.
*Report suspicious activities to local authorities; "If You See Something, Say Something."
*Brief your Family Members and friends.

If you are traveling outside the United States, contact your S-2 / security manager for a country briefing for your destination.

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