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What does it mean to be ‘Ready and Resilient’?

What is Ready?
Being ready refers to having the ability to accomplish missions through resilience, individual and collective team training, and leadership.

What is Resilient?
Being resilient means having the mental, physical, emotional and behavioral ability to face and cope with adversity, adapt to change, recover, learn and grow from setbacks.

What's different?
The Ready and Resilient Campaign integrates and synchronizes multiple efforts to improve the readiness and resilience of the Total Army – Soldiers (active duty, Reserve, National Guard), Army Civilians and Families. Ready and Resilient will build upon mental, physical, emotional and behavioral resilience in Soldiers, Families and Civilians to enhance their ability to manage the rigors and challenges of a demanding profession.
At the heart of this initiative is a focus on enabling the person to achieve enhanced performance, which directly links to the increased readiness of the individual, his or her unit and the Total Army.

Specifically, Ready and Resilient will do the following:
*Provide comprehensive resilience training for Soldiers, Family Members and Army Civilians that develops coping skills and behaviors and increase capability.
*Ensure education about and promotion of preventative measures that encourage self-awareness, deter high-risk behaviors, and support healthy alternatives that produce positive outcomes.
*Develop improved methods to provide leaders and commanders timely and accurate information and metrics to aid them in better identifying "at risk" and "high-risk" Soldiers, enabling early intervention.
*Increase emphasis on leadership involvement, empowerment and accountability to promote help-seeking behavior.
*Produce an enduring cultural change and yield an Army environment that supports and develops its members to perform at their optimum level both personally and professionally, and enables them to overcome setbacks, recover and grow from adversities and thrive on a sustained basis.
*Challenge its members and leaders to embrace and live by the Army Profession, Values and Ethics.
*Produce a supportive Army climate that ensures its members are treated with dignity and respect while sustaining a resilient force.
*Institute a scientific process for measuring success and implementing lessons learned to restructure Army systems and processes to better prioritize resources while promoting resilience throughout the Total Army.

Why is it important?
*A healthy mind and body are essential to individual and unit readiness.
*Resilience combines mental, emotional and physical skills to generate optimal performance (i.e. readiness) – in combat, healing after injury, and in managing work and home life.
*Resilient individuals are better able to bounce back and overcome adversity by leveraging mental and emotional skills and behavior by seeking out training.
*Individual resilience can be built, maintained and strengthened when viewed as an enduring concept and acquired through regular training.

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