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Be in the know about security measures at access control points

Per DOD regulation, unless they have a DOD ID card in their possession, people seeking access to Fort Drum will have to be signed in, submit to a background check and be given a visitor pass at access control points.
This regulation includes Soldiers, Family Members and Civilians.
This is a change from previously observed "trusted traveler" procedures that allowed passengers access to post with a valid ID, but without a background check, as long as they were in the vehicle with a DOD ID card holder.
The length of time covered by the available passes has not changed. Security guards at the gates can issue one-day passes. If a longer pass (up to seven to 10 days) is needed, the sergeant of the guard, phone number 772-8392, and captain of the guard, phone number 772-9959, have the ability to issue those. Their offices are located on the second floor of the MP Station.
Requests for passes longer than 10 days must be presented to Charles Childs, chief of Physical Security, by calling 772-3105.
Further security upgrades are anticipated, and officials ask that everyone with a need to access Fort Drum remain patient with the guards at the access control points as the post aligns with Department of Defense regulations to ensure the safety of the individuals on the installation.

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