Cantonment Area Road conditions: Amber as of 3/15/2018 9:46 AM Reporting Status: Normal
Training Area Road conditions: Amber as of 3/19/2018 3:53 PM Frost bite temperature: 5 as of 3/19/2018 03:06 AM

Points of Contact

 Network Enterpise Center Points of Contact

315-772-2267Fax Number
315-772-6225Business & Plans Chief
315-772-8283COMSEC Custodian
315-772-5526Defense Message System
315-772-6610E-Mail Systems
315-772-7114Information Management Officer
315-772-5401Video Teleconference Operations
315-772-9185Budget Analyst
315-774-0043Cellular Phones/Pagers
315-772-0884Copier Manager
315-772-6610Customer Support Center
315-772-4078Telephone Billing
315-772-5869Post Locator
315-772-5937Projects Manager
315-772-4000Quality Advisor
315-772-5279Security Manager
315-772-2629Desktop & System Support Chief
315-772-7114Information Assurance Chief
315-772-2433Commercial Radios/Frequencies
315-772-6610Network Management
315-772-2246Network Security
315-772-7400Telephone Maintenance
315-772-1114Telephone Repair
315-772-6169Web Administrator
315-772-8200Network & Switch Chief