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10th Mountain News Releases and Advisories

Jun 26, 2014

Release Number: 1406-06


Fort Drum Public Affairs

Supplemental Programmatic Environmental Assessment, Draft Finding of No Significant Impact for Fort Drum, Open for Public Comment


Press Release

Release Nr: 1406-06

June 26, 2014

Fort Drum Public Affairs


Supplemental Programmatic Environmental Assessment, Draft Finding of No Significant Impact for Fort Drum, Open for Public Comment


Budgetary projections to achieve the savings called for by sequestration require the Army to analyze the reduction of active component end strength below 490,000 Soldiers. Substantial end strength reductions below 490,000 Soldiers exceed the scope of the 2013 Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA), the process by which the 3rd Brigade Combat Team was inactivated, making a supplemental assessment necessary.


The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) requires the Army to consider the potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts of its actions and proposed alternatives and to involve the public.  The NEPA process for the Supplemental PEA provides Army decision-makers with information on the potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts that

may result from reductions deeper than those analyzed in the 2013 PEA, to include the concerns of the public and stakeholder organizations. Additionally, the Supplemental PEA also informs the public of the Army's analysis results and provides the public an opportunity to provide feedback.


Announced today, the Supplemental PEA and Draft Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for Fort Drum are public and decision makers are soliciting feedback.  For more information on this process please see the Army's Press Release, attached.


The next two months will be the window of opportunity for our North Country neighbors to let their opinions on further downsizing of the force here at Fort Drum be known.


This Supplemental PEA and Draft FONSI, to include any feedback garnered, will then be used by decision-makers to compare and contrast the environmental and socioeconomic impact at the 30 sites proposed for unit restationing, force restructuring, and unit inactivations during the force

structure decision process.


"I have no doubt through the hard work and pointed feedback of this community, what we know as the truth will be communicated loud and clear - Northern New York, Fort Drum and the 10th Mountain Division are a team.  And with new and high quality infrastructure, cutting edge training and incredible hometown support, this team is a battle tested asset the Army

can't afford to lose, even in the strictest of financial times" said Colonel Gary A. Rosenberg, Fort Drum Garrison Commander.


The SPEA and draft FNSI may be accessed at:


Also, approximately one week after publication of the Notice of Availability

in the Federal Register by the Army, copies of the SPEA and draft FNSI will

be available in some public libraries near affected installations.


Comments will be accepted until August 25. Please submit written comments to: U.S. Army Environmental Command, ATTN: SPEA Public Comments, 2450 Connell Road (Building 2264), Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-7664; or by email to


It is important to note that the end of the SPEA process will likely not result in a force structure decision; additional analyses and data gathering will occur, including community listening sessions and military value analysis, prior to force structure decisions and announcements.  Decisions will most likely not be announced until mid 2015, although this timeline is

subject to change.

Media with questions regarding the Supplemental PEA or Draft FONSI should contact the U.S. Army Environmental Command Public Affairs Office at (210) 466-1590 or toll-free 855-846-3940, or email at


Media with Fort Drum specific questions should contact Julie Halpin, Fort Drum Public Affairs,, 315-772-8286.

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