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Plans, Training and Mobilization


Range Division

Our mission is to manage, schedule, operate, and provide safety of use and maintain Fort Drum ranges, training facilities, maneuver lands, air space, impact area and similar training resources with appropriate guidelines and regulations maximizing responsiveness, efficiency and economy in support of the 10th Mountain Division (LI) and the Fort Drum community, to include National Guard and US Army Reserve.

The Range Division also manages, schedules, and coordinates all installation support requirements for forces of the US Armed Services and authorized customers, including scheduling use of barracks, motor pools and motor parks, mess halls, administrative buildings, classroom, and supply buildings.

 Mailing Address Main Contact Number
Cmdr, 10th Mtn Div (LI) & Ft Drum Phone: 315-772-7151 (DSN Prefix 772)
ATTN: Range Division Fax:     315-772-7225
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Building 4855, Jones Street  
Fort Drum, NY. 13602-5019  


Position Phone (Commercial)
Chief 315-772-7151
Secretary 315-772-7151
Operations/Safety 315-773-6105
NCOIC 315-772-5413
Range Inspector 315-772-0879
Live Fire Cadre 315-772-4426
MOUT CTF 315-772-4997
Scheduling/Evaluation (RC) 315-772-6315
Training Coordinator (RC) 315-772-6896
Reserve Component Support 315-772-6896
Scheduling 315-772-5275
Master Gunner 315-772-5413
Targets and maintenance, west 315-772-5935
Targets and maintenance, east 315-772-2306
Supply 315-772-5595
 Range Control Radio Room 315-772-7152
ITAM Coordinator 315-772-8056
LCTA Coordinator 315-772-4345
LRAM Coordinator 315-772-4345
GIS Analyst 315-772-4852