Reporting Status: normal
Wet bulb heat category: White as of 9/30/2014 01:41 PM
Fire danger rating: Green as of 5/12/2014 07:27 AM

Welcome Home Ceremonies


Please note, the time in Ceremony column is the anticipated time of the Welcome Home Ceremony. The Modified time lets you know when we last updated this information.

Flights and manifests are subject to change without notice. For detailed information please contact the unit FRSA below.

10 SBDE MB110/3/2014 9:30 AMMagrath Gym9/17/2014 4:45 PM
511 MP Co. & 548 CSSB10/9/2014 12:30 PMMagrath Gym9/26/2014 7:15 AM


315-774-370710th Mountain Division HHBn
315-774-36221st Brigade Combat Team
315-774-37781-87 IN
315-774-37522-22 IN
315-774-26631-71 CAV
315-774-51323-6 FA
315-774-301310th BSB
315-774-36221st BSTB
315-772-37322nd Brigade Combat Team
315-772-90352-14 IN
315-772-48114-31 IN
315-772-58431-89 CAV
315-772-80862-15 FA
315-772-4120210 BSB
315-772-91662nd BSTB
315-774-30153rd Brigade Combat Team
315-772-26981-32 IN
315-774-26983-71 CAV
315-772-2698710 BSB
315-772-92862-87 IN
315-772-92864-25 FA
315-774-110410th Aviation Brigade
315-774-1061TF Tigershark (1-10)
315-774-1061TF Knighthawk (2-10)
315-774-1065TF Phoenix (3-10)
315-774-1104TF Eagle (277)
315-774-1065TF (6-6)
315-772-065210th SBTB
315-772-065210th Sustainment Brigade
315-772-077191st MP
315-774-01117th Engineers
315-774-011163rd EOD
315-772-69723-85 MTN IN (WTU)
315-772-32111st Army 174th IN