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 Cemetery Plot listing

Plot image if availableGAT001
Individual Plot ID:GAT001
Marker ID:GAT001
Cemetery:Gates, Plank Road
Associated Map #:
First Name:Aron
Middle Name / Initial:F
Last Name:Freeman
Maiden Name:
Birth Day:
Birth Month:
Birth Year:1,800
Death Day:
Death Month:
Death Year:1,866
Age Years:66
Age Months:
Age Days:
Epitaph or Script:
ARON F. / FREEMAN / 1800 (masonic symbol) 1866
Family Plot ID:-
Family Plot Name:
Military Marker:1861-5
Marker Plot Type:Single
Marker Description:Headstone
Associated Markers:;
Associated Individual:;
Plot Accessories:Flag
General Comments:-
Additional Information: