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 Cemetery Plot listing

Plot image if availableGAT006a
Individual Plot ID:GAT006a
Marker ID:GAT006
Cemetery:Gates, Plank Road
Associated Map #:
First Name:William
Middle Name / Initial:
Last Name:Anderson
Maiden Name:
Birth Day:
Birth Month:
Birth Year:1,824
Death Day:
Death Month:
Death Year:1,914
Age Years:90
Age Months:
Age Days:
Epitaph or Script:
WILLIAM / ANDERSON / Co. F. 26th, U.S. / Colored Vol. / 1824 - 1914 / ELIZABETH / HIS WIFE / 1842 - 1900
Family Plot ID:-
Family Plot Name:
Military Marker:1861-5
Marker Plot Type:Double
Marker Description:Headstone w/ Base
Associated Markers:;
Associated Individual:GAT006b;
Plot Accessories:Flag
General Comments:-
Additional Information:"Civil War ""U.S. Colored Troops."" Served under Col. William B. Guernsey under the Department of the South (Union Army) in South Carolina. The 26th was very active on John and James Island, Honey Hill, Beufort, and Others."
References:"; ""Honoring New York's Forgotten Soldiers: African Americans of the Civil War"" 1998, ""Voices from the Front Line"" Harry Bradshaw Mathews, Hartwick College, Oneota, New York, 19