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Staff Judge Advocate Legal Assistance

Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

Fort Drum, NY

The Fort Drum Office of the Staff Judge Advocate provides world class legal advice and service to Armerica's past, present, and future warriors.


Mr. Dwight Austin, Division Chief

  • Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 0830-1600

    Limited services available on most DONSAs


The mission of the legal assistance program is to assist those eligible for legal assistance by
  1. meeting their needs for information on personal legal matters, and
  2. resolving their personal legal problems whenever possible.


Room A2-68, Clark Hall, Building P-10720, Mt. Belvedere Blvd

Mailing Address:

Legal Assistance Office, 141 Lewis Avenue, Fort Drum NY 13602-5100

Our Information line is 772-5261


Next day business day appointments are made by calling (315) 772-7545 at 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Soldier Readiness Processing is given priority over routine appointments. Powers of attorney, notarizations, and a variety of informational pamphlets are available on a walk-in basis. All other matters require an appointment.

Eligible Clients:

  • Active Component members of the Armed Forces and their Family Members.
  • Reserve Component members of the Armed Forces serving on active duty more than 29 days, and their Family Members.
  • Active and Reserve Component members of the Armed Forces who are receiving military retirement or disability pay ("gray" card retired Reserve Component members are not eligible for assistance).
  • Department of Defense civilian employees against whom pecuniary liability has been recommended under AR 735-5.
  • Department of Defense civilian employees who are to deploy to a combat zone, but only for matters related to their imminent deployment.

Types of cases we can Assist with:

  • Family Law (marriage, annulment, separation, divorce, support, custody, visitation, adoption)
  • Estates (wills, testamentary trusts for benefit of minors, health care proxies)
  • Real Property (to tenants on rental matters, termination of leases under SCRA, purchase, sale)
  • Personal Property (contracts, warranties, consumer affairs matters)
  • Economic (loan disputes, debt, garnishments, credit cards, pre-service debt under SCRA)
  • Civilian Administrative (notarizations, name change)
  • Military Administrative (financial liability investigations, reprimands, evaluation appeals, etc.)
  • Torts (protection under SCRA in civil lawsuits)
  • Taxes (real and personal property tax issues, income tax assistance (seasonal))
  • Civilian Criminal Matters (explaining nature of charge, possible punishments, procedure)

Limitations on Services (Cases We Cannot Assist With):

  • Military Justice Matters are referred to the Trial Defense Service (772-6628)
  • Private Business Activities are outside the scope of the Legal Assistance Program
  • All Employment Matters (except USERRA)
  • Claims or Lawsuits Against the United States are referred to the Claims Office (772-6584)
  • Victim/Witness Assistance Program will be referred to Ms. Armstrong (772-3299)
Click here to visit the US Army Legal Services Page.