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Division Surgeon

The Office of the Division Surgeon

Building P-10000, Room 128
PHONE: (315) 772-3225
10th Mountain Division (LI)  

Wounded Warrior Center: 1-877-879-0860


Medical Simulation Training Center

Vision Readiness screening Guide

Corrective Laser Eye Surgery Information regarding who is eligible and  procedures that need to be followed.

Field Sanitation Team Training Letter of Instruction

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Military Occupational Specialty training for the U.S. Army Combat Medic is currently based on the principals of a Department of Transportation (DOT) Emergency Medical Technicians Basic course

Combat Lifesaver Bag Packing List

Individual/Unit Medical Readiness Program

Trauma Treatment Provider Course Purpose:  To provide information about the Trauma Treatment Provider Course (TTPC) which enhances soldiers’ capabilities to provide life-saving medical treatment as far forward as possible, ensuring that infantry fire teams and squads retain maximum combat power.

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