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Reserve Component Career Counselor


The 10th Mountain Division Reserve Component Career Counselor (RCCC) Office provides professional career counseling guidance to all Soldiers leaving the Active Component. We advise each Soldier of their continued duties and obligations to the US Army, if any, and brief Soldiers individually of their options and benefits in the Army National Guard, Army Reserve and IRR.

With access to "all" the USAR and ARNG units "NATION WIDE", we can help with your path of choice.

Meeting with one of our Counselors can help with your transition from Active Army into Civilian life. 

You may qualify for:

       Up to 2-Years Stabilization (NO Deployment) so you can focus on starting a new life

      MSO Reduction (take up to 2 years off your service obligation) depending on MOS

      Receive Medical and Dental Insurance for a fraction of the cost of private coverage

      Change your MOS

      Become a Drill SGT or even an Officer or Warrant Officer

     Pick a location near your home (wherever that may be)

To reach your counselor call:

 1st BCT & 10th CAB


 2nd BCT, 91st MP, 63rd EOD & 59th CEM


 3rd BCT, 548 CSSB


Officers and Warrant Officers