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Unbreakable Warrior Program

Repetitive stress and other injuries resulting from physical training are the number one preventable cause of Soldier’s becoming non-deployable. Excessive body weight, poor nutrition, and lack of adequate sleep contribute to this problem.

The Unbreakable Warrior Program aims to reduce injuries resulting from daily physical training and Soldier training through a collaborative approach, by integrating multiple programs into a comprehensive physical training program.

Reducing injuries during physical training requires knowledgeable and engaged leaders, thoughtful planning and execution, and an emphasis at all levels. The 10th MTN DIV (LI) ensures leaders are adequately trained to oversee and execute effective physical training programs.


Unbreakable Warrior SOP:

AR 600-9 Sample Counselings:

Field Environment PRT Guidance:

Nutrition Guidance:

Provider Profile Guidance

Reconditioning/Profile PRT Information

Standard PRT Guidance and Schedules