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Installation Command Chaplain's Unit Ministry Team

 Emergency Chaplain Support Services

315-772-564724 hour Emergency Chaplain Services

 Chapel Contacts

315-772-5591 Installation Chaplain
315-772-8031 Facilities Manager
315-772-5591 NCOIC
315-772-8032Fund Clerk
315-774-4002Director of Religious Education
315-772-2069Youth Ministry Coordinator
315-772-0160 Priest
315-772-5591Main Post Chapel
315-772-6654Riva Ridge Chapel
315-772-5540Po Valley Chapel



Fort Drum, New York 13602




 MISSION: To provide a STABLE direct and indirect religious support platform, focused on soldiers and family members,  FULLY SUSTAINABLE whether the Division is in garrison or deployed, to include chapel worship, consolidated Catholic and Protestant religious education, counseling, family life programs and training.